You are Blessed!

Have you ever had to suffer inconveniences because of something you thought you did not have yet you had it all along?

I remember reading about a man who got a ticket to travel on a cruise ship. He was excited as he parked his bags imagining how the experience would be. Being that he was not a wealthy man, he also packed some bread and water because he needed to eat while on the ship.
The ship was amazing; it was like a small city, something that he had never seen before. He settled in his room and soon the journey begun. He walked around the ship and saw how the other travellers were enjoying the different facilities available on the ship, great food and all but since he had no money, he retreated back to his room to eat the bread and water he had carried with him. This was his routine all the days he was on the ship.
Days later they got to the destination and as he was getting off the ship he met the captain who had been the one who gave him the ticket. The captain was shocked to see him because all along he though the man never boarded the ship.

“Where have you been hiding yourself?” the captain asked.
“Well I have been in my room all along and I must say, thank you for the ticket I enjoyed the journey.” “Glad you enjoyed it” said the Captain, “but how comes I never say you during meal time?” He asked. The man said “Ohh I was in my room, since I could not afford the meals I carried some bread and water.”

The captain looked at the man in shock and said” Ooh no, the ticket gave you the access to enjoy everything that is on this ship, everything had been paid for, it was an all access ticket!”

Ephesians 1:3 (AMP)
3 [a] Blessed and worthy of praise be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ,

Many of us are like the man on the cruise ship, we are ignorant of the blessings of God over our life after accepting Christ as Lord. This is one of many scriptures in the bible that talks about how God has blessed us. Note, its already done He has already blessed us but many have no idea and so like the man in the story you have locked yourself in the room and you are surviving on stale bread and water yet you can enjoy the many things that are benefits of salvation.

Read the word, find out what kind of blessings God has availed to you, believe and declare them over your life because you are blessed!