Word For Today – Always Be Careful

Ephesians 4:1-7Ephesians 4:14-16

Do you know for sure that what you believe has a rock-solid foundation? Far too many people of various faiths have been swayed by a leader with a charismatic personality—someone who is eloquent, persuasive, and smooth. Be careful! The Christian’s beliefs are to be grounded in what God teaches, so make certain yours are based on more than simply the ideas of an impressive communicator.

Paul warned his protégé Timothy to beware false doctrine and those who teach only what their listeners want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3). But how can we hope to recognize error unless we know the truth of God’s Word and can use it as a measuring stick?

Knowing the teachings of Scripture not only helps guard against being deceived by false doctrine but also protects you from intimidation by those who might attack your faith. Therefore, examine what you believe and why. Doing so will …

1. Prevent you from being misled.
2. Protect you from fear and intimidation.
3. Prepare you to answer questions from those honestly seeking truth.
4. Enable you to be persuasive in presenting what you believe.
5. Deepen your personal relationship with God.

By regularly spending time in God’s Word, you develop a biblical filter through which all new information passes. That filter in your mind enables you to distinguish between what’s false and what’s true. If that is firmly established in your mind and heart, you’ll be able to identify God’s truth.