Word for Today-My God shall supply

The rent was due and we had no money. We had hustled the whole month but business was just not good. We had prayed and nothing seemed to be changing and it was hard to find ourselves in this spot again. Surely Lord not this again, why do we have to go down this road again? You see, the thing is we had not even finished 6 months in this house, the previous house we had lived in, well, we were thrown out because we could not make the rent several months in a row and the landlord got tired. In fact he was so tired he told us to just move out and not even think of what we owed, that’s when you know things are bad. Well, here we were again, serving God in the best way we knew how to and yet not able to meet our needs.

God did supply in the most unexpected way and through the most unexpected person. Our neighbor, the single mom whom we tried as much as possible to keep away from because she could really get you “going” because of her attitude, that’s who God used. She paid our rent.

Philippians 4:15-16
15 And you Philippians know that in the early days of preaching the gospel, after I left Macedonia, no church shared with me in the matter of [c]giving and receiving except you alone; 16 for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs.

God uses people to meet the needs of others. Just like our neighbor who was willing to be used of God, the church at Philippi was ready to be used by God to supply what Paul needed.
God sometimes gives us stuff that is the miracle that someone else is praying for and the big question is, “Are we sensitive enough to realize that and are we open and un attached to let go?”

Sometimes I wonder, am I holding on to someone else’s miracle?
We love quoting Acts 20:35, It is more blessed to give than receive but I doubt we really believe that because if we did, we would be having churches where people seek for opportunities to give and not to receive.

Elijah needed what the widow had and the widow need desperately what Elijah had but she had to be willing to obey and overcome the fear of letting go of the little she had. When she did Elijah was ministered to and he was able to release the multiplication anointing on his life over the little supply that the widow had and after that she never lacked. What if she had been uncooperative?

Sometimes I wonder, how many miracles have I blocked from my life because I was too afraid to give, because I thought I needed the little that I had more than the person God was directing me to give to?

Yes, “My God shall supply” He will use one willing person to be his extended had to supply to another, are you willing to be that person?


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