Word for Today-Lead

Joshua 1:2
“Moses my servant is dead. Therefore, the time has come for you to lead these people, the Israelites, across the Jordan River into the land I am giving them.
I came across this acronym of leadership and I think it’s pretty neat;

L stands for Listen.
A good leader is one who is able to listen, not only to the people but most importantly to God because remember as we said leadership is a call from God and if you and I are to excel at it then we must be diligent to listen to Him who called us.

E stands for Encourage
A good leader is one who is able to encourage those that he is leading. We see that in the life of Joshua as he leads Israel into the Promised Land and also we see that in the life of Christ. From time to time the people that you lead will grow weary and discouraged and you must have the capacity to encourage them if you are to get them where they must go.

A stands for Ask and Answer questions
A good leader must be one who knows how to ask the right questions and also answer questions directed to him. Throughout His ministry Jesus asked and answered some very important questions. Questions correctly answered bring clarity and understanding and they dispel doubt.

D stands for Dedicated.
A good leader must be dedicated to the call to lead and the vision that is set before him. In the midst of adversity he must not give up but stand his ground. Jesus did so even in facing the cross set before him.

E stands for Engage
A good leader engages those he leads. He is not detached from them but he is a part of them, we see Jesus engaging those that He lead. Over and over we see him and the disciples together engaging in conversation and activity. He was not detached from them.

R stand for Reward
A good leader rewards those he leads when they make progress. He understands that it is not about him but the people that he leading.

As a leader God has called you and I to lead, may we be the best leaders that we can be, leaders who listen, encourage and ask and answer questions. May we be leaders who are dedicated, leaders who engage with those we lead and leaders who reward.