Who is a Disciple?

Luke 9:23 NKJV
Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.
A disciple of Jesus is one who follows him. But what does that really mean?
Many today look at discipleship as a class one takes and if you hit the pass mark then you have become a disciple.
Others think that if you can quote so may scriptures then you are a disciple or if you are serving in church then you are a disciple.
A disciple of Jesus is one who aligns his life after Jesus by following after his teachings. It is not just lip service, it is actually living life according to what Jesus says and does.
To be a disciple you have to be a student of Gods word, deny yourself daily and follow him. It is no longer about what you want or feel, but what Jesus says through his word. This requires total obedience even when you do not necessarily understand or even when it leads to pain and persecution as demonstrated by the Apostles and disciples in the book of Acts.
A disciple of Jesus is one who loves him and they demonstrate this by walking in obedience to all his commands not just the ones they like.
When we do so then our lives become a true reflection of how Jesus lived and what he stood for, no wonder in Antioch when they saw this, they called the believers Christians.
If someone observed your life secretly for a season, would your lifestyle remind them of Jesus?
Are you following after Jesus? In what way are you doing this? What does it mean when the word says we should walk in total obedience to Gods word? Are you doing it?