What is Your Foundation?

Finishing strong
This has been a common scenario in our nation. You see what seems to be a strong and beautiful building being put up as the work continues and the floors keep going up, one day you wake up to the news that the building has collapsed sometimes trapping some of the workers under the rubble and killing others. The building was not built on a strong foundation and this it did not finish the race so to speak.

for no one can lay a foundation other than the one which is [already] laid, which is Jesus Christ.

It would be sad to run your race only to progress and discover that you have been building on the wrong foundation. Whatever it is that you are doing, are you doing it for Christ or are you just doing the wrong thing? Think about this, the men who were building the tower of barbell were so united and at hard workers but what they were doing was not build on the right foundation that God himself came down and confused their languages.
As we start a new year you may be looking back and thinking that you failed because what you started last year you did not finish it. Well, as long as you are still alive and Christ is your Foundation keep running your race do not let the change of year to slow you down Do not confine yourself to a year or a month keep building keep running until you finish your race.
Let this New Year give you more zeal and faith to keep pursuing what God has called you to do.
Happy new year!!