Family Media: Keeping Jesus on the airwaves

Founded in 1999, Family TV (Media) is a leader in Christian entertainment programming and one of the largest independent Christian media company in the world.

The company covers all elements of the Christian entertainment spectrum to cater to the needs of the whole family. It airs children, youth and family shows that all carry a message of hope, peace and love. It is the best alternative form of programming that seeks to nurture good God-inspired morals in people so that the society can improve as a result.

Family TV can be viewed in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa; the list of locations is long. With a Family satellite digital kit, you can enjoy the signal no matter where you are. There are countless Family Media outlets throughout the country and beyond.

Family Media has been keeping Jesus on the airwaves for over 9 years. As a result, many testimonies have come forth. People have accepted Jesus while others have been healed and restored. This company exists to reach people with the transforming word of the gospel.

The company’s team of staff is continuously working with the endeavor of reaching out to the lost with diligence. The staffs are highly trained and skilled to handle various media dockets.

A Challenging Environment For A High-Performing Christian Broadcasting Company

There are countless challenges with the power to dishearten efforts of a Christian broadcasting company and Family Media is no exception. On a day to day basis, this leading Christian broadcaster contends with different challenges. However, the company has sailed above the water to emerge as a formidable force in Christian broadcasting.


Some technical faults are unavoidable and Family Media from time to time suffers the consequences. However, with a well-coordinated team of experts, technical problems that lead to signal failure are handled effectively. As a Christian broadcaster, we value the power of prayer and therefore know that God has our back. He has continued to bless our work and we credit our success to his provision.

Many believe in our ministry and continue to give faithfully. Our partners have enabled us to reach out and

explore new ground for broadcasting. Most recently, we have been able to acquire rights to broadcast in Sudan. This is a fertile ground to harvest souls and nurture Christians for the glory of God

Our staffs share our vision and for this reason, they are dedicated to the furtherance of God’s will on earth through Family Media. Our core business is reaching all people with the gospel and thanks to the team work of our staffs; we have been doing this despite various challenges.

We strive to continue pushing the limits so that we can reach the world with the good news, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.