Vision in Action

James 2:26 NKJV
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Faith demands action! Faith that displays no action is dead and dead faith cannot please God.
God appears to Abraham our father of faith and He tells him to move away from his fathers house and kindred and embark on a journey to a land that God will show him and Abraham without question makes the move. He put action to his faith. Notice he did not have the full picture but he acted, he made the step he needed to make.

Usually when God gives you a vision it does not happen immediately and all the pieces of the puzzle may not be there. I honestly believe that God shows you a picture of the future so that you can get into a season of preparation to embrace that future. That preparation season requires you to act in faith, to start preparing for something that those around you are not seeing, like Noah taking years to build an ark because a flood was coming but those around him could not understand what Noah was doing.
Like with Abraham, sometimes that preparation may require you to separate yourself from the crowd you have been hanging out with and they may not understand. Sometimes it may require you to go back to school and equip yourself for where God is taking you, or simply to start actualising the vision of ministering to the multitudes by ministering to one.

What vision has God given you? Do you understand the part you have to play? Don’t wait until all the pieces come together, start preparing and working on yourself start working on your mindset to grow and embrace what God has prepared for you. Remember without faith you cannot please God and faith without works is dead.

Do you have a vision of where God is taking you and what He wants you to do?

What do you need to start doing today to prepare yourself for what God has shown you?

Are you willing to pay the price that is needed to acquire and actualise the vision?