Lessons from Joseph
Genesis 37:23-24
23 Now when Joseph reached his brothers, they stripped him of his tunic, the [distinctive] [h]multi-coloured tunic which he was wearing; 24 then they took him and threw him into the pit. Now the pit was empty; there was no water in it.

Joseph the dreamer; that is what his brothers called him. Though he was the last born, Joseph was loved more by his father and the coat of many colours he was given signified that, It seems like Joseph wore that coat a lot and it really agitated his brothers. In fact, it so agitated them that it was the very first thing they stripped him of.
Big dreams in which he was a ruler and others bowed down before him. Now add that to the coat of many colours and the fact that his father loved him more and he showed it. No wonder his brothers hated him. Imagine having such amazing dreams and then ending up in a pit. In fact, the pit was a blessing because his brothers really wanted to kill him.

We are all on a journey to our destiny and this one thing is for sure; we will have to go through the pit. This is a place of humbling, a place where the true nature of our hearts is revealed. Like Joseph, when in the pit we feel abandoned and alone. We feel detached from our father, we are alone and it is very easy to believe the lie of the enemy who whispers to us that we are good for nothing and that’s why we are in the pit. While in the pit the enemy may strip us of our gifting’s just like Joseph was stripped of the gift of a coat of many colors given to him by his father.

While in the pit, Joseph never complained. Like Jonah in the belly of a fish he probably cried out to God. I believe God came through for him because though his brothers had planned to kill him, they instead sold him off a slave and his life was preserved. God set him on a course that would ensure he collided head on with his destiny.

Are you in a pit? Does it seem like suddenly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in your life? Cry out to God from the pit. Do not complain and throw a tantrum. Ask God to search your heart and reveal the real motives of your heart. Joseph probably had pride in his heart because he was more favoured but I believe he dealt with this in the pit.
The pit may seem like a dead end but with God it could be the start of an amazing journey.

Even in the pit, I am not alone. God is right here with me. What the enemy brought for evil God will turn around for good. I will not complain while in the pit. I will ask God to search my heart and I will praise Him instead.