The good Samaritan: Empty Religion vs Christ likeness

Luke 10:31 (AMP)
31 Now by coincidence a priest was going down that road, and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. 32 Likewise a Levite also came down to the place and saw him, and passed by on the other side [of the road].

One of the things that has hit me hard in this season that the world is anxious and in turmoil because of the corona virus, is how easy it is to get derailed by side shows and in turn miss out on opportunities to be the light. One argument that had the church busy over the last few days is weather we should be having church services on Sundays in this season. The argument was so huge and the exchanges not so pretty as I took time to reflect it hit me that we were so focused on meeting on a Sunday service we were missing out on an opportunity to be the light to a hurting world.

The priest and the Levite saw the man left for dead but they did nothing to help him. Maybe they were in a hurry on their way to the temple, who knows? These are the two people in the story that you would have expected to help the man but they did not.
Maybe they had an attitude that made them think they were superior to the victim and their class could not allow them to stoop so low as to help him or they thought “what I have is mine and I will keep it to myself.”

As believers we sometimes get so focused on our traditions and way of doing things that it becomes a stumbling block for us to minister to others. To be honest sometimes we think we are better and we harbor pride in our hearts. This became so evident this past week as we argued on social media about whether to have church service on Sunday or not with some from each side trying to prove that they had more faith than the other all this while those who we could have been loving and ministering to looking at us and thinking “what a confused lot!”

May we not allow empty religion and rituals to blind us and keep us away from displaying the Christ in us through out kindness and love just like he did.
We have a great opportunity in front of us, may we open our eyes, fold our sleeves and get to work, the world needs us, even though they may not know it!

Reflective Questions
What are some opportunities you can leverage on to serve humanity in this season?

How can the Christ who is in you be demonstrated to those in need, what are some things you can do for those close to you?

How can the church come together in this season to act as the body of Christ?