The Good Samaritan: Christ likeness

Luke 10:33-37
A man from Samaria then came travelling along that road. When he saw the man, he felt sorry for him and went over to him. He treated his wounds with olive oil and wine and bandaged them. Then he put him on his own donkey and took him to an inn, where he took care of him. The next morning he gave the innkeeper two silver coins and said, “Please take care of the man. If you spend more than this on him, I will pay you when I return.”

The priest and the Levite saw the injured man and passed by on the other side of the road. The Samaritan also saw him and his compassion compelled him to move closer to the man and help him.

This should be our attitude in the present circumstances that the world is facing today. The Samaritan did not start talking about how unsafe the road was and blame the government for not providing security. Neither did he complain about the priest and the levite and say how the “church” of the day was so insensitive to the needs of the people. No, he took personal responsibility, he got involved.

Will you and I be moved with compassion to meet the needs of those in distress in this season or will we play the blame game? Getting involved will cost you and I think that’s the reason many don’t because truth be told our attitude is “What I have is mine and I will keep it to myself, besides it’s not even enough!”

Our attitude should be “what I have belongs to my Father and I will share it with whomever He directs me to.”

Stopping to help this man cost the Samaritan his energy, his time, his trip, and his resources. He bound up his wounds, he placed him on his donkey, he took him to an inn meaning he had to change his travel plans and he paid the bill.

How many of us would be willing to do that for a total stranger? Some of us even have a hard time doing that for a family member. May God soften our hearts in this season so that we may be our brother’s keeper. May we allow our hearts to be moved with compassion to do something kind for mankind. May the Christ in us be brought to the surface through our acts of kindness.

Reflective Thoughts
With what is happening across the globe today, do you see yourself as a solution or as one who is helpless?
What kind of solutions can you provide to be a blessing to those in distress in this season?
So, what will you do and when will you do it?