The Fight is Fixed

Revelation 1:3 NKJV
Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.

Have you ever watched and action movie only this time you are watching it for the second time but you are watching it with someone who has never watched it before so they have no idea how the story ends?
I have been there and I must say the excitement is not just in the movie but in observing the reactions of the individual who is watching the movie for the first time. For you who has watched the movie before, the anxiety and the tension are no longer there because even during the tense moments of the movie, you are at ease because you know how the story ends.

This is one reason why its important to read the bible. The book of revelation gives us a glimpse of how the end will be and it tells us who will come out as the winner. No wonder Jesus would tell us not to worry or be anxious but rather to pray and trust in God. The fight is fixed and its fixed in the favor of those who stick on Gods side.

Blessed are those who read and those who hear the words of the prophesy in the book of revelation and they go on to keep those things which are written in it because they know how the story ends and using the information of the prophesy they have an understanding of what they need to do to be on the winning side. Many believers neglect reading the book of revelation because they have believed that its hard to understand but remember we have the Holy Spirit who helps us to understand the meaning of the prophesy and to be partakers of the blessing attached to the prophesy.

May we endeavor to be students of the word that we may be ready when the appointed end time arrives.
Remember, we have an advantage, we know how the story ends, the fight is fixed in our favor….. How can we lose?

Reflective Thoughts.
Have you read the book of revelation? If no, why?

Knowing that the story ends in favor of those who are on Gods side, how does that make you want to live your life?
No matter what you are going through today, fix your eyes on Jesus and the end of the story. We win.