The Dung Gate

Nehemiah 3:14 NKJV
Malchijah the son of Rechab, leader of the district of Beth Haccerem, repaired the Refuse Gate; he built it and hung its doors with its bolts and bars.
After the valley gate we get to the dung gate. All the refuse and garbage from Jerusalem was taken out through this gate into the valley of Hinnom where it was burned. if you look at the map of Jerusalem when Nehemiah rebuild the walls, you will see that there is some distance between the valley gate and the dung gate. You will also notice that before you get to the dung gate, you start taking a turn.
This is significant in the life of believer because when you go through the valley and you stay focused and established in the old path of truth represented by the old gate, then you life begins to take a turn around. The valley experience is like a cleansing experience and the dung and refuse in your life is taken away as your character is formed. Fruit begins to form in your life as you allow the Holy Spirit to form you from the inside out.
Cleaning away the rubbish in our life is never easy because we have been used to a certain way of life for such a long time and the rubbish has become such a part of who we were. Remember we come to God just as we are but he does not leave us that way. Instead he will use the valley experiences to bring the dung in our lives to the surface to expose it and remove it from our life.
Reflective Thoughts
What are some of the “Dung” issues that God has revealed in your life after going through the valley season?
Sometimes we are so attached to the filth, we dont want to let go, has that been your experience?
Removal of the filth gives way for godly fruit to begin to grow in your life. What godly fruit is evident in your life today?