Stewardship of Opportunities

Ephesians 5:15-16
Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
Joseph the dreamer, Rahab the prostitute, David the Shepherd boy, Esther the queen, these are but a few of the people in the Bible who have one thing in common. They maximized on an opportunity that changed the lives of generations.
Joseph saw the opportunity before pharaoh not only to interpret his dream but also to make recommendations on what was to be done. This changed his situation of being a prisoner to being second in command in Egypt and also saved the known world from death.
Rahab along with the inhabitants of Jericho had heard of what God was doing for the Israelites and when the spies showed up at her door step, she took the opportunity to hide them and plead for her life and that of her family. He ended up in the lineage of Jesus.
David was only a boy, untrained in battle but when he saw Goliath he saw an opportunity that everyone else was running away from. He saved the whole nation and was elevated from being a shepherd boy to a warrior.
What about Esther? She risked her life and took the opportunity to appear before the king an announced which led to the salvation of her people.
It is said that what people call luck is actually the collision of preparedness and opportunity. Today we have the Holy Spirit who knows the very mind of God and he lives in us. How much more prepared should we be to make the most of every opportunity?
Every new day comes filled with opportunities to do good and change lives, may we be quick enough and bold enough to cease the moments.
Reflective Thoughts.
Do you procrastinate, putting off for tomorrow what you can do today? Why?
Looking back, what are some opportunities that you missed because of lack of preparation or procrastination?
Because you have the Holy Spirit living in you, how can you be a better steward of the opportunities that God brings your way?