Stewardship Attitudes

Lessons from the story of the Good Samaritan
Luke 10:30
Jesus replied: As a man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, robbers attacked him and grabbed everything he had. They beat him up and ran off, leaving him half dead.

If you are like me, you have read the story of the Good Samaritan over and over again but have you ever looked at it from the perspective of stewardship?
Like the story goes, a certain man on his way to Jericho fell into the hand of thieves who beat him up and took all that he had leaving him for dead.
Here we find the first attitude towards stewardship.
“What you have is ours and we will take it by force.” That was the attitude of the thieves towards the man they robbed and left for dead.

You are probably thinking this kind of attitude cannot be found within the body of Christ but Is that really so?
What are your thoughts when your brother or sister is blessed over and over again? Do you rejoice or do you have the attitude that what is yours is mine and you must share it with me?
Now you probably don’t go out and take it by force like the thieves in the story but in your heart,do you have the same kind of attitude?

Do you always feel you have the right to be blessed by others who have more than you and if they do not do so you get offended because according to you, life is not fair and you have a right to share in what they have?
Are you a hard worker or do you lazy around waiting for others to do all the work and then you come in to feed on their hard earned sweat? Like a parasite are you constantly on the lookout for who you can benefit from next?
What is your attitude towards the blessing of God in other people’s lives? As much as you may not go out and forcibly take what they have, is your attitude “what you have is mine and I will take it one way or the other?

The bible says that he who does not work should not eat. Do not be the kind of person who is lazy and then you expect others to cater for your needs. Put your hands to work and ask God to bless the work of your hands.