Spiritually Mature

1 Corinthians 3:1-3 (AMP)
However, brothers and sisters, I could not talk to you as to spiritual people, but [only] as to [a]worldly people [dominated by human nature], mere infants [in the new life] in Christ! 2I fed you with milk, not solid food; for you were not yet able to receive it. Even now you are still not ready. 3 You are still [b]worldly [controlled by ordinary impulses, the sinful capacity].

Have you met people you assume are mature because of their age but as soon as you interact with them, then you realize that they are not? Usually, you would come to this conclusion based on their behaviour, reasoning and content in speech. The same applies to our spiritual walk. Maturity in Christ has got nothing to do with how long you have been saved or the title you hold. If we were to be honest, our pews and some pulpits are filled with people who may have been saved for years but they are still spiritual babies and you can tell by their behaviour, reasoning and content in speech.
A man who is mature spiritually is one who lives according to the spirit and not according to the flesh. The word Responsible is made up of two words, response and able and we said that a mature man is one who is responsible meaning they are able to respond. They respond to the word of God because they are not just hearers but doers of the word. They are able to respond to situations and needs around them. There is no way you can grow and mature spiritually if you are not a student of the word. It is this word that transforms how we think. This same word is one of the greatest avenues we hear and understand Gods direction and purpose for our life. The more you read it and respond to it, the more you spiritual man is energized and in the same way, the flesh becomes weaker.

Spiritual maturity is a personal choice and it requires sacrifice and discipline, a price some people are not willing to pay. Physically, if you do not feed yourself then after some days you will feel weak and if you keep at it you will die because the body needs food to function. The same applies spiritually but because we do not feel the effects physically and we can continue to look spiritual because we “go to church” and we know what to say to sound spiritual, then we assume we are ok though we are weak and immature spiritually.
You will know a spiritually mature man through their character because it displays the fruit of the Spirit. You will know them because they are not self-centered but rather they consider others as better than themselves. You will know them because they have a genuine love for believers and they love the word of God. As the bible says, you will definitely know them by their fruit.

It’s time to respond to Gods word and grow!