Spiritual Health: How’s Your Health?

3 John 1:2 NKJV
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
Staying healthy is big business today. Many people are spending millions just to stay healthy by joining gyms and following diets. Because of the high demand, a week will hardly goes by without you coming across some new discovery where staying healthy is concerned.
When you really think about it, staying healthy has to do with habits we develop in life. From what we eat, to how active we are and what we expose ourselves to. When we become lazy and start to take shortcuts, hardly exercising, feeding only on fast foods and exposing ourselves to all sorts of environments that affect our mental health, they we are bound to be unhealthy.
The same happens to us in our spiritual walk. There are habits that when developed, facilitate our spiritual health and we are able to grow steadily and as expected, bear much fruit in our life.
When we get children, we periodically take them to the hospital as they are growing and if we are feeding them well, then they grow with the expected range depending on their age. If you take a child for this regular check up and they are below the expected weight, the doctors will want to find out what is wrong and if the child is getting enough food and sleep.
Sadly, we do not have such periodic checks to ensure that we are healthy spiritually and because we go through the motions of going to church giving and the other things we consider spiritual, we assume that it is well.
Just like we have benchmarks to determine if a child is healthy and they are growing at the expected rate, the same also applies spiritually.
The question then is, do you have any idea how healthy you are spiritually?
Have you ever considered how you are doing health wise spiritually?
What are some of the things that can cause and individual to be unhealthy spiritually?
What are some habits that can facilitate good spiritual health for an individual?