Seek the Protector

Psalms 27:8
When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

When we read about the story of Daniel found in Daniel 6, we see that Daniel made a habit of praying three times a day. Now, depending on how established you are in God’s grace, you can interpret that as a religious routine, or you can see his dedicated prayer time as an outward expression of his intimate relationship with the Lord. Please be clear about this. I am not saying that if we want to be protected like Daniel, we have to pray three times a day. What I am saying is that protection is a result of closeness and intimacy with the Lord.

There are no formulas, steps, or shortcuts to walking in divine protection. Simply walk close with the Lord and you will unconsciously be under the shadow of His wings. Don’t just pursue the protection, seek the Protector! You can recite Psalm 91 fifty times a day, but if you have no relationship with Jesus, there will be no results. The prayer of protection is not transactional; it is relational.

You’ve missed the point if you have to ask how many times a day you should pray. Do not mechanize your relationship with God. Every day, you can choose whether or not to meditate on His love for you. Daniel chose to do it three times a day. We can learn from that without turning it into a dry formula.

What Daniel had was an intimate relationship with the Lord. I pray that you will have this too. The Bible tells us that in his daily prayers, Daniel was always giving thanks to God. It is so good to live with thanksgiving in your heart toward the Lord. Each and every day, there are so many things that our Lord protects us from that we are not even aware of. Give thanks to Him for His love for you. Praise Him and set your mind daily toward Him. Be so conscious of how close you are to Him and how utterly loved you are—and enjoy the protection that comes from being found in the shadow of His wings!