Seek Refuge on the Rock

2 Samuel 22:3
My God, my rock where I seek refuge. My shield, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold, my refuge, and my Savior, you save me from violence.”

Anchored to the Rock
2 Samuel 22 is a song of praise from David to the LORD. Much like the Psalms where he declares the greatness of God, he praises Him for being his protector. He calls God his rock and refuge. A rock is something that doesn’t budge. David knew he could anchor himself to God and not be moved. The LORD was a steadying influence in his life who looked out for his best interests. It is easy to see why David would be so enthusiastic in declaring this. God had protected him from Goliath, King Saul, and his son Absalom.

Seek Refuge on the Rock
Is God your rock? Do you run to Him in your time of need? Do you trust Him to protect you when Satan is prowling around like a lion looking to devour you? It’s easy to say that with your mouth but does your actions back it up? David sought refuge in the LORD because he knew God would save him. To seek refuge means to put our trust in Jesus, the author, and protector of our faith. The world is a scary place, and if we don’t trust in Jesus, we will be tossed around by every wave of doubt.

Fully Protected
David shows us that God will be a refuge that will act like a shield, horn, and a stronghold. A shield is something that protects us from the attacks of the enemy. When Jesus is our shield, he extinguishes every fiery dart Satan fires at us. He is also our horn of salvation. A horn alerts us to the imminent attack of the enemy. We need to train ourselves to heed that warning. Finally, Jesus is a stronghold. A stronghold is a safe place we can go where the enemy can’t penetrate. Jesus provides full protection to his followers. Seek refuge of the rock.