Relationship Myths And Misconceptions That People Have.

By Prisca Aroko.

Each and every person has at one point held a myth concerning relationships and depending on how long one was of that opinion, it may have held you back or prevented you from a bad relationship.

Thursday on Family Radio’s morning show Jam 316, the host James Okumu held a relationship clinic where the listeners got an opportunity to ask any questions concerning their relationships.

In a relationship, who is supposed to make the first move?

‘Maybe I’m not open minded but usually I prefer being the first move.” Said Lewis, a listener from Nairobi.

Pastor Cynthia Wambui Otieno explains that when it comes to man-woman relationship it is always dynamic.

A woman making the first move usually tends to make certain aspects in the relationship among them leadership, because the first move is usually to lead in what direction one aspires to go.

Pastor Cynthia Wambui Otieno made the first move to the man she is married to now, and immediately after approaching her man, he ended up taking charge.

She explains that by her making the first move did not make him lesser of a man, and sometimes you just create a highway for communication but she cautions on knowing someone’s personality.

Who should make the first call after the first date?

Imagine going out on a date, he/she gets there on time and the food at the restaurant is splendid. The conversations are enchanting and viola it’s time to part ways and head home. So who should call the other after first after the first date? Many people have held myths and misconceptions concerning this particular question.

Majorly, various authors have written books warning women while others have attended workshops where women are being cautioned to not call a man after the first date until he calls you back.

Pastor Cynthia Wambui Otieno explains that if one had a good time say it regardless if it’s the man or the woman.

“If you really enjoyed the date, be real and honest. Sometimes we live by certain rules that if I do this I may look cheap or if I do this I am putting myself out there like a buffet .And if you did not like it, you did not like it.” Pastor Cynthia Wambui Otieno advised.

She however cautioned men against stringing along your date especially if you are not interested.

If it was meant to be it will meant to be myth.

This is one of the statements that hold no water. It is a statement that gives one room not to take responsibilities. It’s a statement for an excuse to not put in work in a relationship. The next time you tell someone that statement, ask yourself how much effort have you put in to that particular relationship.