Rebuilding the Walls: Teamwork

Nehemiah 2:17-18
17 Then I said to them, “You see the bad situation that we are in—how Jerusalem is desolate and lies in ruins and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, and let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, so that we will no longer be a disgrace.” 18 Then I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us [b]rise up and build.” So they thoroughly supported the good work.
Nehemiah had a great burden to see the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. He took his burden to God in prayer and fasting and God granted him favour with the king such that he got the permission to go and begin the work of rebuilding and he also got the materials he needed. When he gets to Jerusalem, he assesses the situation and he counts the cost.
This was not a job he could do alone, he needed others who had been living comfortably with the broken walls around them to buy into his vision and partner with him to see this great task completed.
The people who you associate with are important because they will have influence over your life. Nehemiah got a team of people who were ready to work with him while there was another group of people who were negative and always criticizing his project. He made a deliberate choice to focus on those who believed in the vision.
If your companions are people who are consistently telling you that the walls cannot be rebuilt then you will not go far. Also if your companions are people who don’t see the need to have the walls rebuild then you will go nowhere. You need a team of people around you who believe in the cause and are willing to put in the work. You cannot work alone. Though Nehemiah had favor from the king and God was on his side, he still needed people to practically work on the wall.
As you seek you rebuild the broken walls in your life, you will need others to come alongside you to help you, mentors and those who may be better skilled in some issues that you are not.
Are you at that place where you recognize your need for others or are you trying to go at it alone?
Who are your team members?
Are you deliberate with the kind of people you invite into your inner circle?
Are you honest enough to ask for help in areas where you are weak?