Parables of the Kingdom: Wheat and Tares

Matthew 13:30
Let the good plants and the weeds grow up together. When all the seeds become ripe, I will tell the workers to cut down the weeds first. Then they will tie them together and burn them. Then they will cut the wheat and bring it into my building. I will store it there.
When you read the parable of the wheat and tares, a parable that Jesus told to explain the kingdom of God, you wonder why the master did not just order his servants to uproot the tares. The tares and the wheat look alike when they are growing, and thus it is easy to pluck out wheat thinking you are pulling out the tares.
As they grow together and begin to bring forth fruit, something interesting begins to happen. The wheat begins to bow or bend because of the weight of the fruit and thus at harvest it becomes easy to distinguish between the two.
I thought about this, and it hit me, the more we mature in Christ, and we begin to display the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, the more we walk in humility. One of the key fruits you will see in the life of an individual who is truly walking with God is humility. Remember, God resists the proud buy he uplifts the humble. Furthermore, Jesus said that you shall know them by their fruit because fruit never lies.
In the same manner sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish who is really serving God and who is an imposter, but the fruit will reveal the truth and as Jesus said in the parable, a time of harvest will come and God will separate those who are his from the imposters.
What fruit can people see in your life?
When people interact with you do they see humility or pride?
People always mention hypocrisy in our churches, what encouragement do you get from this parable?