Navigating Different Emotions: Grief and Sorrow

Psalm 34:18 NKJV
18 The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as [a]have a contrite spirit.
Have you ever lost something that was dear to you, something or someone you loved? Many times when we think of grief we think of the death of a loved one but grief is not just limited to the death of a person. We grieve when we loose a job or even a relationship, a pet or even losing an object that we greatly valued can lead us into grief.
Grief is a natural healthy emotion that helps us deal with emotional wounds that occur because of the loss that we have suffered but when we do not know how to navigate through and manage grief well, it can lead us down a path that becomes destructive.
The first thing we experience is shock because of the loss and sometimes we kick into denial because we refuse to believe that what we had is no longer there. When the reality kicks in then we experience sorrow leading to an emotional release like weeping. If not managed well this may lead to anger helplessness and hopelessness. This is the point at which some people sink so deep into hopelessness and despair it becomes hard to bring them back, their life just stops.
Whatever kind of loss we may experience, we need to always have the right perspective and that can only happen if we have a connection with God and we understand his promises.
The bible tells us that there is a time and a season for everything and so we must recognize that seasons come and seasons go but one thing remains consistent and that is God. When we lose a loved one who knew the Lord, we mourn not as those without hope because we have the assurance that we will see them again. That is why it is important to be a fisher of men and make disciples as Jesus commanded.
If it is losing something or an opportunity we must never forget that all things work together for good to them that Love God and are called according to his purpose. God can turn around things just as he did for Job. He lost everything, his children, his property, his health and even his wife told him to curse God and die but Job knew the God he had believed in. God restored to Job all that he had lost and he is able to do the same for you and I remember he is the same yesterday today and forever!
When was the last time you grieved and what was it about?
How does having a relationship with God help in times of Grief?
As believers we get excited about going to heaven but yet we are so afraid of death, why is this the case?