Monthly Newsletter


You might have been wondering why my newsletter has been late, the reason is we are very busy with new programs, new ideas and building our big studio tent for recording more exciting programs for Jesus hence the delay

We serve a great God and we are living in great times. Okay the world around us looks like a mess. Insecurity all over the world is the talk of the day. We got shocked to see what is happening for instance in the USA, but mostly to realize how quick our so called secure feelings can change in a panic mood.

Following the upcoming general elections here in Kenya and the after math vices associated with it like violence scares everyone. But still these are great times for the believers.

When Jesus walked in Israel 2000 years ago it was a mess too. The government was in the hands of the Romans and these leaders were very corrupt, unjust and killers and nobody was safe on the street.

And what did Jesus do? He was teaching about the salvation that was coming, healing people and talking about peace more than anything else.

That reminds me of the story of the little boy in Holland that held his finger in the dyke during the storm and saved the whole village from the flood.

Sometimes you need one person to change the tide, one person who is doing the right thing at the right time.
That’s why I am still positive that we as followers of Jesus Christ are able to change the negative mood of a nation and even the whole world. Don’t fall in Satan’s trap of “If you can’t beat them, join them”

Jesus said that we are the light of the world and believe me if you and I were not here, it would be really dark. We are the power that is holding back the darkness. And that time will come soon enough.

I always thank God for our partners, we don’t have hundreds of thousands of people who support us, we work with a small group, but we have been able together to shine our light and kept the real darkness away. You have been able to keep Jesus on the airwaves

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and use the power that is given to us by Jesus Christ. From our side we will try to produce more programs and to reach more people and you are assisting us with your prayers and your finances. Jesus showed us the way, although He was looking like a loser, He is the light of the world.

We are full of energy and faith, but we can’t do it all alone. We need equipment, transport.
Money to pay for broadcast etc. etc.
We only bank on Jesus, but since you do the same, we bank also on you.
God will bless you for it.


Our new event recording studio(PTL) 

God is teaching us patience. We ordered and paid this great tent 7 months ago in South Africa. We received it in December with no manual at all. But see, we are proud to be able to start soon recording in it. What about an “Praise the Lord Africa” soon on Family TV?

More good news 

Yes, its getting better and better. Now you can watch all our shows, including the foreign preachers any time you like.
Partners can do that for free( you will be contacted) Others can become members and enjoy the same. and you see it all