Lessons from Geese: Sharing Burdens

Galatians 6:2 NKJV
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.
One of the most amazing things about geese is the way they fly. They often fly in a community in a V formation and from this, they are able to benefit from the synergy created allowing them to increase their flight range to up to 71%. Interestingly, when the lead goose gets tired, it rotates to the back of the formation and another one takes the lead. The same strategy is used by those in cycling and marathon teams. One takes the lead and sets the pace and when they get tired they fall back and another takes the lead to ensure the pace is maintained.
Sharing tasks and allowing others to take the lead when the need arises is important. Also, when others get overwhelmed we are not to criticize them but instead we are to relieve them of the burden.
As members of the body of Christ, we must recognise that we each have a part to play and we should be humble enough to recognise that others have been gifted as well thus we should not hoard leadership positions. Allowing others to lead especially in the areas of their gifting enables the body to benefit tremendously.
On the other hand, we also need to recognise that those in leadership positions especially what we call the five fold, are not superhuman people. They get tired and they need to occasionally take a rest to regain their strength as they allow others to take the lead. In the same manner, we should not sit back and expect a few individuals to do all the work. We should always remember we are a body and everyone has a part to play.
Like the Geese, may we learn to bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.
Do you find it hard to let others lead?
What are your thoughts about those who sit back and let only a few do all the work?
How effective would our Churches be if every believer pitched in to get the work done?