Keys to Victory – Exercise Authority

Luke 10:19 Amplified Bible (AMP)
19 Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on [a]serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you.

You are driving a huge 22-wheeler truck on the highway and you are moving at 100 km per hour. From a distance you can see a tiny figure step into the middle of the road. As you get closer you realise it is a traffic policeman motioning for you to pull over. Without thinking twice, you hit the brakes, you slow down and you pull over. What if the same scenario happened and instead of a policeman it was just an ordinary individual on the road would you do the same thing? I don’t think so. Instead of stepping on the brake I believe you would press on the horn to alert the individual to get off the road fast!

The simple reason for this is authority. The policeman has the authority given to him by the government of Kenya and if you ignore him or run him over then you have to answer to the government. He may not have the power to stop the truck but the authority given to him supersedes the power you have as the truck driver. The other individual has no such authority.
Now you and I have been given the power and authority through the name of Jesus to overcome anything that the enemy would dare bring along our way. In essence, our victory is guaranteed but only if we exercise the power and authority that has been handed down to us by Jesus. Some Christians are living a life that is oppressed by the enemy and it is simply because they have not gathered up the faith to exercise the authority that have been given over the enemy.

Jesus lived a victorious life because everywhere He went, He exercised the power and authority that He had. What about you?

What does it mean to you when Jesus says He has given you power and authority over the enemy?

In what area of your life have you failed to exercise that power and authority?

What are you committing to do about it?