Jam 316 with James Okumu

Imagine three hours filled with fun fresh and interactive content, the kind that makes you want to sit next to your radio lest you miss out on something amazing because it gets you ready to face the day! That is Jam 316 your breakfast show on Family Radio 316. The first hour which is a devotional hour is also broadcasted simultaneously on Family TV.

In this hour we pray together and share a devotion from the word of God and hear from different pastors every week.

If you need to be motivated we have Motivation Monday.

Parenting Tuesday gives you an insight into the world of parenting and the challenges and solutions for today’s parent.

Every Wednesday we have the “Financial Clinic” This is the forum we talk about everything money and business. Every week we have different guests who discuss issues from personal finances, investing and the economy.

Thursday we have yet another clinic “The Relationship Clinic” where we focus on relationships mainly marriage with an aim to highlight key issues in marriage and also highlight success stories in marriage to help build strong relationships.

Friday we crown the week with Man-Up Fridays giving men the opportunity to share their stories and insight on various topics and shade some light on key issues that men face.