Is The ‘Go Live’ Icon On Social Media Really Necessary?

By Prisca Aroko

How often do you go live on social media? Do you constantly view videos of people who go live on social media? Do you approve the content of what they do live on social media?

In the US, a manhunt has been launched on a man who allegedly killed Robert Godwin, 74, then posted the video on Facebook.

The alleged murderer Steve Stephens, whose Facebook account has been suspended, is said to have posted two videos on Facebook.

The first video was of him talking about his intentions to kill someone at 2:09PM Eastern Time; however the video was not reported by any social media user.

He posted the second video of him killing the 74 year old man at 2:11PM Eastern Time, then went live on Facebook to confess what he did.

Use and Misuse of Live Icons on Social Media

Many social media users have been using Facebook live icon to showcase business, events happening, others have promoted their talented thanks to the live icon. However good this may be, it also comes with the extreme bad.

In Late 2016, a 14 year old girl from Miami in the United States killed herself live on Facebook by hanging herself in her bathroom.

Another woman was also arrested and her child taken away from her by Children Services after she broadcasted live on Facebook a video of her taping her child to the wall and disciplining her child.

Recently in Kenya, a video emerged on Facebook that was widely shared showing a police officer killing a suspected thug who was already on the ground.

This video divided Kenyans on both divides, with calls against and support for the act on both sides.

Many people, especially those who have lost loved ones or have ever been robbed by thugs along the streets of Nairobi supported the police officer who was captured shooting the suspect.

However Human Rights groups called for thorough investigations and prosecution against the police officer.

It is alleged that Facebook alone deals with more than a billion uploads in just one day. Therefore for a video to be checked and taken down requires more manpower from Facebook.

The Facebook live video showcasing the murder of Robert Godwin was taken down after 2 hours and 11 minutes. This was an hour after a social media user reported the video.

This raises another concern on how long should a post or video take to be flagged down after users report it as harmful or having disturbing content.

So do you think the live icon is necessary on social media?