Influence and Impact: Are you Salty?

Matthew 5:13
13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.
Influence and impact, that’s what we are here to do. As children of God, He expects us to influence and impact the world for His glory. Just like salt in a very small measure has influence and impact in the food, we believers are expected to have impact and influence in the world.
Think about this, you do not put food into the salt, but rather you put just a small amount of slat in the food and its impact is felt by anyone who eats the food. Jesus told us to go into the world and not to hide in the salt shaker…. The church. Jesus did not tell us that we are like salt, rather he told us that we are the salt of the earth.
One of the most important functions of salt and the reason we add it to the food is because it adds flavor to the food. Without the slat, the food would be just flat. Question then is, as a believer who is the salt of the earth, am I adding godly flavor where I am planted? Can the people experience it or would it make no difference if I was not there? Just like a pinch of salt influences the whole plate of food, am I as a single believer bringing godly influence where I am or is the world influencing me? You can imagine if the salt acquires the taste of the food instead of adding flavor to it. Then it becomes useless.
Salt is also used as a preservative; it slows down decay and rotting and back in the day it was widely used to preserve meats. As a believer are you and I preserving our society against the rot brought about by the evil one or are we part of the rot? The bible says that we should overcome evil by doing good, that’s how we preserve the society form the decay of the evil one.
Salt also creates thirst, in fact it is said that when the bushmen want to find a water source, they catch a monkey and feed it with lots of salt after which they release it and it leads them right to the water source because it has become so thirsty it must drink water. When people interact with us and see our way of life, does it create in them a thirst for God?
Remember you and I are the slat of the earth and if we lose our flavor, we will be thrown out to be trampled on by men because we are of no use. Let’s remain salty.
Reflective Thoughts
What kind of Christian flavor are you bringing where you are planted and can the people taste it?
Are you bold to stand up for what is godly or do you shy away because you do not want to annoy anybody or rock the boat?
When people interact with you, do you leave them with a thirst for God and godliness or is it vice versa?