How much are you sowing?

2 Corinthians 9:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)
6 Now [remember] this: he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows [a]generously [that blessings may come to others] will also reap [b]generously [and be blessed].
Every farmer knows this and they will tell you, that the quality and amount of seed you put into the ground determines the amount and quality of crop you will harvest. As the scripture says, if you sow sparingly then when the harvest comes you will also harvest sparingly. On the other hand, if you sow generously you will also reap generously. I love the way the Amplified bible brings out this verse because when it talks about sowing generously it adds in brackets; “That blessings may come to others.” I love it because it brings out the angle of motive. As you sow into the life of other people what is your motive? Are you being driven by love or selfishness? Are you out to make their life better because if you are then the bible says you will be blessed.
Sowing is an act of faith because what you are doing is releasing instead of holding back. The world tells us to hold back and to protect what we have but the word tells us to have an open hand and to release and sow into the life of other people and in doing so out of a clean heart then we will reap a big harvest. When you sow, you are placing your faith in God because only He can create the increase.
Jesus, when He walked the face of this earth, was consistently sowing good in the lives that He interacted with. Everywhere He went He was a blessing to those close to Him and even to the masses. He kept sowing even to the point of sowing His very life and thus today we are born again because of what He did.
May His example be the standard we base our lives on that we will sow generously in the lives of the people that God brings along our path because if we so generously then we will reap generously.