God of Transformation: Scars to stars

John 20:27 AMP
Then He said to Thomas, “Reach here with your finger, and see My hands; and put out your hand and place it in My side. Do not be unbelieving, but [stop doubting and] believe.”

Thomas would not believe until he saw the scars on Jesus’ hands, he would not believe until he touched them because every scar has a story. To Thomas, the scars would confirm that this was indeed the same Jesus who was nailed to the cross and died.

Before there is ever a scar, there is pain and a wound. A scar is a sign healing a landmark of overcoming, a declaration that what caused you pain and injury did not triumph over you.
Many of us would rather display our trophies as opposed to our scars because we are embarrassed. In fact we try to overcompensate and ” overdress” to hide our scars but please take note of this, Jesus wore his scars with pride and he was not shy to display them to Thomas.

Our scars are our greatest trophies because they tell a story of triumph a story of healing a story of one who overcame. Your scars are your testimony of Gods love and goodness over your life. That though the enemy tried to take you out, God worked it for your good.

The scars of Jesus remind us that it is finished, they remind us that we have our healing because by His stripes we were healed. They remind us that death sin and the grave have been defeated and now through Christ we have overcome the enemy. The scars of Jesus remind us that we are now part of God’s kingdom and that we are greatly loved.

As someone once said,
“Show me your trophies and you intimidate me, show me your scars and you inspire me, show me how your scars became your victories and you transform me.”

Reflective Thoughts.
What are some scars in your life and the stories behind them?

When you look at your scars, what do you see?

Jesus showed his scars to Thomas and his life was changes. Have you learned to use your scars to transform others or do you hide them?