Finishing the Vision

John 4:34 Amplified Bible (AMP)
Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to completely finish His work.

Jesus understood His vision and He was focused not only to do it but to see it to completion.
Just because you left Egypt it is no guarantee that you will enter the promised land. The children of Israel are a great example for us to derive lessons from. God brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand, a demonstration of His power and glory. They got to see and experience what many of us only can dream of or imagine. Interestingly when they journeyed though the wilderness, they quickly forgot the promise God had given not only them but their father Abraham! Because of their lack of faith, they never saw the vision to the end all except Joshua and Caleb.

Every vision that comes from above must go through testing. Even Jesus went through His moment of testing in the garden as He was in prayer just before He was arrested to be crucified but despite the hardship and pain, He saw the vision to the end.

Just like with a marathon race, lots of people gather up at the starting line and there is lots of excitement and jubilation and then the race sets off. Soon enough the race itself begins to separate those who are serious and prepared well from those who came out just for some fun. It gets to a point where the pain forces some to drop out while those who are focused on the finish line look over the pain because they know they came out with one purpose and that’s to finish the race.

Knowing the vision is good, writing it down and making it plain is wonderful. Starting the journey into the vision is exhilarating but the question is, will you and I see it to the end or will we get distracted in the middle and drop out?

Like Jesus may we have the conviction to do the work of Him who sent us and see it to completion.

Have you begun the race, are you doing what God has called you to do?
What are some of the challenges that you have gone through that have made you think of quitting?
Had you quit on Gods Vision for your life because of pain and difficulty?
It’s time to pick up the pieces and start over God is a God of second chances.