Doubting the Mission

Prison season


Now when John [the Baptist] in prison heard about the activities of Christ, he sent word by his disciples and asked Him, “Are You the Expected One (the Messiah), or should we look for someone else [who will be the promised One]?”

When we are introduced to John the Baptist he comes forth as a very powerful servant of God. The Bible says he went around the whole country around the Jordan preaching repentance and the people went to him to be baptized. He does not come forth at any moment as a man who is in doubt about his mission. When Jesus appears at the Jordan, John’s declaration is bold and firm;

JOHN 1:29-30 AMP

The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! This is He on behalf of whom I said, ‘After me comes a Man who has a higher rank than I and has priority over me, for He existed before me.’

Even before he was born, when Mary the mother of Jesus went to visit Elizabeth Johns mother, John leaped in the womb as a confirmation that Mary was carrying the Messiah in her womb.

But now that he is in prison, he begins to doubt whether Jesus is the Messiah or they should wait for another.

The prison season has a way of making us doubt our mission even our salvation. I bet John was wondering why Jesus (who was also his relative) had not come to his rescue. If he was the messiah why was he letting him rot in prison?

When we find ourselves in that dark place we tend to gravitate towards doubt and confusion. If God really called me why would he allow me to go through all this why is He not quick to rescue me?

During our prison season, this is the confidence that we should always have;


Faithful and absolutely trustworthy is He who is calling you [to Himself for your salvation], and He will do it [He will fulfill His call by making you holy, guarding you, watching over you, and protecting you as His own].

Your prison season is there to mould you and to prepare you for what is ahead it is there to build your faith so do not doubt your mission and do not be in doubt if Christ is the Messiah.

Be bold and be strong!