Family Radio 316 Shows

These are the shows that air on Family Radio 316.

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle is a program specifically aimed at providing a platform for prayer and thanksgiving for answered prayers. The listener is encouraged to send his/her prayer request and praise reports through our various platforms including SMS line, WhatsApp and other...


NDEREMO is a local gospel music show that plays music from all over Kenya. The show aims to bring to viewers uplifting and inspiring music that is wholesome to the entire family.

Marriage Today

MarriageToday with Jimmy Evans & Karen Evans is an exciting daily program bringing a message of hope and encouragement to marriages and families. Each program contains vital information that develops, encourages, and strengthens family relationships. Clear and practical teaching from a biblical...

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen have emerged as new-age leaders in the world of ministry to bring light and hope in the lives of people. Their program is broadcast to over 100 countries across the globe. As...

Jam 316 with James Okumu

Imagine three hours filled with fun fresh and interactive content, the kind that makes you want to sit next to your radio lest you miss out on something amazing because it gets you ready to face the day! That...

Just Kidding

Just Kidding is a kids show that promotes the personal development of your kids while ensuring they still have fun.

20 The Countdown Magazine by William Ryan The Third

This is your show that plays the top 20 songs in Christian music along with exclusive interviews with the artists who make the music.

Family Radio Shows