Borrowed Offence

Proverbs 18:19 NKJV
A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, And contentions are like the bars of a castle.

Have you ever taken offence with someone you have not interacted with simply because of things you were told about them only to get to meet them later, then you realise they are the complete opposite of what you had been told?
That’s what I call borrowed offence, taking offence with someone simply because of hearsay.
Jesus said offences must come but you and I need to have wisdom on how to handle them because when we embrace and accommodate offence, then our hearts become defiled.
The Pharisees took offence with Jesus and they wanted the people to do so as well, but when the people interacted with Jesus they saw a man who not only spoke with authority, but also demonstrated the power of God unlike the religious Pharisees.
A pastor misuses his position and authority and because of that you take offence with all pastors and you cannot receive from anyone with that title.
A man lets you down and takes advantage of you and you take offence with any male species, concluding that all men are the same.
An individual of a particular race or tribe does you wrong and you take offence with all people from that race or tribe and we create stereotypes.
Offence causes you to have a heavy heart, it blocks you from giving and receiving it’s like a constipation of the heart.
Offence grows into bitterness, un forgiveness and a hard heart.
Are you carrying borrowed offence? Let god and allow God to heal your broken and wounded heart.

Reflective Thoughts
Are you carrying borrowed offence towards an individual or community of people and you don’t even know it? What will you do about it?
Do you have anyone who has taken offence with you because of hearsay? How does that make you feel?
How will you deal with anyone who tries to project their offence towards another on you?