Biblical Perspective of Time: Understanding Time

Jeremiah 1:5 NKJV
5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified[a] you;
I [b]ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
Time is the most important thing we have on this side of eternity but many of us don’t realize it because we have the wrong perspective. God tells the prophet, Jeremiah, that before he was formed in his mother’s womb God knew him. How can that be and what does that mean?
God is in the realm of eternity and he created the boundaries of time during creation and this is the realm we live in. If God says that he knew Jeremiah before he was formed in the womb, this means that Jeremiah existed in the realm of eternity before he was manifest in the realm of time. We come from eternity into the realm of time where we have the power to choose what to believe and the kind of life to live. Whatever choice we make has consequences attached to it, consequences that we cannot change.
Originally God created us to live forever but when Adam and Eve sinned, death entered into the realm of time meaning that now we would only live for a specific period in this realm, and then this physically corrupted body would cave in and the spirit man would go back into eternity.
The interesting bit is this, how we live life here on earth and the choices we make will determine where we will spend eternity and even those who embrace Christ, how we will spend eternity because each who is born again by grace through faith in Christ will be judged and rewarded according to his works.
Since none of us know which day and what hour will be our last in this realm of time, is it not prudent for us to know the most important things so we can focus on them and not waste the little precious time we have on none important things?
The most important decision in this realm of time is to believe in Christ and be born again. Have you done that?
When you think of time compared to eternity what thoughts come to mind?
What are you doing with your time? What consumes most of your time?