Back to The Basics; Growth

Acts 2:46
46 Day after day they met in the temple [area] continuing with one mind, and breaking bread in various private homes. They were eating their meals together with joy and generous hearts, 47 praising God continually, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord kept adding to their number daily those who were being saved.
Being a pastor I know how pastors are fascinated with the latest church growing methods and trends. Pastor’s travel across the globe to attend conferences where they can learn the latest church growing trends and millions are spent to put up these conferences. There’s nothing wrong with that but I think we have forgotten the basics because I believe God has given us a full proof church growing method that never fails in the book of Acts.
We have been looking at what the early believers were devoted to, apostles teaching, fellowship, breaking bread together and prayer. That was the part God expected them to do and they did it well. Verse 42 continues to emphasize this and it reminds us that they met day after day not just bin the temple area but also from home to home where they ate together with joy and gladness. They had generous hearts meaning they cared about each other and the community. Note that it says they praised God continually, they were continually offering a sacrifice of praise to God and not complaining, now that’s a powerful key right there if we can get a hold of it.
Think about it, who would not want to be part of such a community of people? If I was living at that time I would definitely want to be part of them, they genuinely loved one another, they shared in common all that they had, they visited each other day by day, they were full of joy and they had generous hearts….. that is so attractive no wonder they had favor with all people.
Because of the community they had created, what I would call a system where one comes in and they are taught the apostles teaching, they are interpreted into a family/ fellowship where people eat together with joy and gladness and they are taught how to pray, then the Lord added, DAILY to their number those who were being saved. That is a full proof system of growth for any congregation.
Let’s we forget, Jesus said “I will build my Church…”
We have our part to play and He has His, let’s not get it twisted.