After the Bell

After The Bell is a kids radio program that seeks to address issues facing tweens that lead them to social and emotional depravity. These include navigating relationships with family, teachers and friends; identity, self-esteem and self-awareness, bullying, drug use and abuse, money, time management, faith, purity and more.

Tweens is a term for children between the ages of 9 and 14.

The show, which runs on weekdays from 5pm to 6pm also incorporates quizzes, games and stories to capture the attention of the youngsters and give them a chance to grow their gifts and confidence.


  • To understand the issues that tweenagers face and the kind of help they would need while offering biblically grounded guidance.
  • To give tweenagers a platform to speak freely and feel heard
  • To allow other tweenagers in the audience know that their issues are not unique to them and that help is available.
  • To give parents an ear into what their children go through at this age, the things they wouldn’t tell their parents upfront

The show is hosted by Sheerow (Wanjiru Mutua) who has a wealth of experience in children ministry. She has a heart and a burden for the next generation specifically to reduce spiritual apathy in kids and lead them to the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.


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