James Okumu

Martin is my middle name; I bet you did not know that. I love bread and Volkswagen beetles and vans, the vintage ones. I got into Radio by accident through a neighbor who felt I have a good voice and she went on to book an interview for me and I got in. I love Jesus and I love to tell others about Him through the airwaves. My favorite color is blue… no maybe yellow…no I think black and white. My favorite color depends on my mood so it is not constant.

What I love about radio and especially radio is the opportunity to reach out to a multitude of people with the word and love of God and to actually change the course of their life. I once met a man who told me he was about to take his life but listening to me that morning and the fact that he sent a text and I prayed for him, he made up his mind to live and not die. That’s why I do radio because I know that my words can change a life.