Jackton Omusi

Being on Radio has always been a passion in my life. In my teen years, I used to listen to local as well as international radio stations. I was fascinated by how the presenters would deal with various subjects affecting the society inviting experts to give their opinion.

This gave me a push to pray to God to open a door for me to work in a Christian organization where I could utilize my God-given abilities to serve Him. Much to my relief, God was gracious enough to grant me the favour to work in local Christian station in Eldoret, Kenya. That was the starting point for me to use my skills to reach out to those who are in the darkness to see the Light as well as informing people.

Radio being a powerful tool in the society also has a very important ingredient; music. This is an important element on Radio that I really connect with. My satisfaction on Radio is when a person responds with a message indicating how God has ministered to them through Radio.