Broadcasting has always been my passion and I would listen a lot to other presenters on Radio and from different stations because I have always felt everyone is different and with a unique style. I would criticize as well and try to put myself in that presenters shoes and imagine how I would have done it differently.

The doors have not always been opened and I was rejected several times. I once told God that if broadcasting was not what He wanted me to do then may His will be done. I wanted it so bad and would still tell myself yes, I have prayed but if He is listening He must know how bad I want this thing, (chuckling).

There is a well known female presenter who once said in her interview that work so hard and sharpen your skills in whatever you dream of becoming so that when God decides to bless you, he finds you ready. I have never forgotten that statement and I kept at it, when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it and here I am, glad that Family Media gave me the chance to do what I love.

Radio is extremely rewarding I must say. I am told I talk too much so this is the best medium to inform and educate someone and there is nothing as satisfactory as knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life with every show.