By Prisca Aroko.

In exactly 98 days, Kenyans will be heading to the ballot to vote but before then the campaign period is bound to raise disagreements on ideologies and opinions.

American author LeVar Burton once said, it is not about the division or politics but how we come together when we do not share the same ideology that really matters.

The disputed 2007 election results plunged the country into darkness after many Kenyans took actions in their own hands and either killed, raped or torched homes of people who did not believe or share the same ideologies of people in a certain region.

Even as Kenyans gear towards the election period, how are people handling the political discussions in their work places, churches and social gatherings?

Peter, a resident in Nairobi prefers that people should not discuss any political issues in work places as it may result to in-house hatred for people who do not value the same opinions as yours.

Sally on the other hand believes that people should discuss politics within the office set up, as politics affect our everyday life but cautions that they should not be along the tribal lines but along visionary leadership.

“I think people should discuss politics at work place because you may be able to swindle someone’s thinking along yours because we spend most of the time at work than at home.” Says Chris from Nairobi.

On Family Radio’s Jam 316 morning show, the host James Okumu had this discussion with HR Consultant Stephen Ogolla who explained how to and not to discuss politics within the office set up.

Stephen Ogolla explains that an office set up is made up of different ethnic backgrounds and the Kenyan political set up is mostly explained through ethnical backgrounds.

This means that coworkers should avoid making assumptions on people’s political stands based on their ethnical background. This also includes making assumptions that everyone has a political view. There are people who pay no attention to politics.

Stephen Ogolla also advises that before you engage someone in a political discussion, you need to be in the right place. For instance, someone maybe in the lift headed for a proposal meeting with a client and would not want their mind aligned in certain direction at that political time.

At times one may bring up a political topic and people remain silent, this does not mean that they agree with you. This may mean that you may have intruded into their space. Therefore when people do not answer back, it is wise to move on.