Yes, I agree, I am a bit late with my monthly newsletter to all our friends and partners. Do I have an excuse? Yes, I have. I have been waiting for the report of the research company to see if all the hard work, your investment, and God’s blessings have caused us to reach more people for Jesus. The report has been a wonderful surprise.

It shows that we are reaching more and more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With our new bouquet of local programs, we have been able to tap into relationships, parenting, health, Legal knowledge and how to grow our faith in Jesus despite the day to day challenges in our lives. God has given us a rich life in Him and we try in our programs to show you how to make use of that. I am sure God has so much more in store for us all.

As we await the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, we still have upcoming generations that need to know about Him. We have a whole continent that needs Jesus, more so, we have a whole world that needs to be saved that’s why we try hard.

Currently, we are streaming Family TV and Family Radio worldwide over the internet, but we still want to go back on satellite. We had stopped that temporarily due to lack of funds, we would like to open up Family TV in East Africa, but we can’t afford it right now.

One thing we are confident of is that, with God, there are no borders and nothing is impossible with Him. It’s a miracle to see how far we have come with an army of 3000 partners.

That number of 3000 is not new. In the Bible in the book of Acts, I read that after Apostle Peter received the Holy Spirit on the day of the Pentecost he spoke and:

“40 Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the church that day—about 3,000 in all.”

And we all know what happened after that; the Church grew bigger and bigger.

Friends, we need you more than ever. Become a partner today!

Partners, you have done great and God will reward you for that. Maybe you can make a family member, a friend of a colleague enthusiastic for partnership.

If you all get one new partner we have 6000 partners next month then together we can cause a greater impact for Jesus.

Let’s go for it!!

Leo Slingerland


  1. You can become a partner by sending the word “PARTNER” to SMS 20316 and we contact you with more details.

2. What’s in for you is God’s blessings by making it possible to keep Jesus on the airwaves, plus free entrance to all our shows online.