By Prisca Aroko.

There is no single fixed retirement age for employees, however some companies stipulate the retirement age as per their company’s in- house policies.

Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago now wants the National Assembly and the Public Service Commission to consider lowering the retirement age, to provide room for the youth leaving campus and colleges.

According to Governor Mandago, lowering of the retirement age will reduce the funds used to pay public servants.

However Human Resource Consultant Stephen Ogolla disagrees with Governor Mandago on lowering the retirement age and further explains the basics under which a person can be forced to retire.

Stephen Ogolla says that age should not be pegged on retirement grounds but rather on the person’s productivity level.

He further explains that should the retirement age be lowered and with no other reasons pegged to it, then it may result to having the best experienced people sent home and the organization left with many uninformed and inexperienced employees.

Sending people home based on their age may also raise a concern on how the government will handle the send off retirement package because it’s more expensive to give a send off package and pay pension than bringing in new employees.

“I believe as from the age of 60, an employer should start measuring an employee’s productivity level and also engage them in conversations concerning retirement. This will prepare them mentally with the transition and teach them ways to adjust from working to leaving the work environment. Explains Stephen Ogolla.

So at what age do you think an employee should retire?